'Movement Study', Kristone Capistrano, 2024 (DRAW Space) 
Curated by Dr Daniel Press. Dancers: Shantelle, Hugo, Cassidy.
April, 2024 (Woollahra Gallery at Redleaf)
Exhibitions: MATTER (Penny Coss, Kristy Gordon, Joyce Lubotzky, Helen Earl + Belinda Piggott, Chrystal Rimmer, and Mei Zhao), Avarice (Wendy Miller), Plasticity (Erica Molesworth), Watershed (Helen Earl + Belinda Piggott with Alyson Bell)
'DETAIL', Group Show, 2024 (DRAW Space) 
Curated by Jeremy Smith. Artists: Kim Anderson, Jack Buckley, Artemisia Cornett, Yvonne East, Todd Fuller, Andrew Nicholls, Eva Nolan, Catherine O’Donnell, Jeremy Smith, Jack Stahel, Susumu Takashima and Teo Treloar. 
'Graphite', Group Show, 2024 (DRAW Space) 
Curated by Belinda Yee. Artists: Matthew Allen, Fiona Currey-Billyard, collaborators Chris Casali and Graziela Guardino, Armando Chant, Katelyn Geard, Joyce Hinterding, Annelies Jahn and Belinda Yee. 
'Form', Saywell Gallery, 2023 

Curated by Elaine Kim
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